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When you are looking for high end war game gear and airsoft gun parts, the name coming to mind is Ace1arms. The company has been in business since 2013 and has many fans that will only use their products. The main reason is the high quality and durability of each and every product they manufacture.

We carry all the Wholesale ace1arms products you can imagine or desire. You can find slides, trigger sets, thread outer barrel, suppressors, AEG parts, MPS gear and accessories. An example of their slides includes the S Style M&P Slide Bundle. This bundle includes the S Style M&P Slide for WE M&P (BK) x1, S Style Tier-1 Trigger Set for WE M&P/M&Pc (SV) x1, and the Steel Takedown Lever for WE M&P/M&Pc (BK) x1. Features include full CNC process, realistic structure, o-ring inside the outer barrel, optical fiber tactical front, optical rear iron sight, and base on WE M&P GBB pistol,

Trigger sets are very popular when it comes to Wholesale ace1arms. One of the most popular is the S STYLE Tier 1 Trigger Set for TM System Glock Series featuring full CNC machined aluminum trigger body with trigger safety, rapid shooting, the four piece trigger safety levers include are zombie green, red, gold, and silver, and it suitable for Marui/WE/KJ/Starkarms Glock series. This kit includes the trigger body and four safety levers.

AEG parts you can find with our Wholesale ace1arms include such items as cylinders, cylinder heads, anti-reversal latch, bearings, gear sets, gear boxes, nozzle, pistons, piston heads, power spring, selector plates, safety covers, tappet plates, motor base, triggers, delayers and more.

Check out our full inventory of Wholesale ace1arms, you will be armed and ready for the battle in no time with high end products at the most affordable prices.

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Ace1Arms SAI G34 Slide with (6.04mm Tokyo Marui Inner Barrel) (Tan)
SAI Arms Costa Style G34 Slide Set for Tokyo Marui G17 GBB - Solid & Stylish CNC Aluminum con..